We have recently designed and launched a new Peace Means Business product:   The 4-P sustainability model™

"Peaceful Relations + Preservation + Perseverance = Sustainable Prosperity"

As owners, executives, and community leaders we are often immersed in the everyday and sometimes tend to focus on immediate returns and short-term profitability. We react to our present circumstances, a disposition that that often results in the avoidance of long-term threats and future opportunities. Ironically, most business and community leaders know that being consumed by the everyday will ultimately undermine long-term prosperity, wellbeing and sustainability.

Because we realize that maintaining peaceful relations and preserving the wellbeing of people and the planet can be a costly proposition and could even endanger profitability we designed a model in such a way whereas organizations as well as private and public representatives can make various adjustments to how they operate and still remain competitive.

There is a plethora of conversations taking place in private, public and political arenas concerning the need to transact differently in order to address the issues we face today, however if often stops there. To learn about ways in which you can convert thinking and talking into action, please call us today for a free consultation at 646-554-3100 or by contacting us via our website by clicking here

Our Peace Means Business™ services include:

  • Readiness and Feasibility assessments

  • Plan development

  • 4-P Training & Coaching

  • Assistance with implementation

For more information and a free consultation please contact Christopher D'Marco at 646-554-3100 or send an email to cdmarco@changeandresponse.com. Thank you.

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