Christopher has 25 plus years of experience helping organizations, teams, and individuals, be as successful as they can be. Through the combined use of proprietary tools, established assessments, and best practices he assists clients by helping them clarify their vision, values, and priorities, remove obstacles and align all the moving parts to get there, as effectively and efficiently as possible. Christopher will adjust your program and his approach based on your unique needs. His style is down-to-earth and practical; he provides a safe and confidential space to allow clients to be as candid as they need to be. Of numerous benefits, he helps clients convert feelings of ambiguity, disengagement, and frustration into action. Both Christopher and his clients evaluate the program's effectiveness in real-time and make adjustments as necessary; he also connects clients with other resources if issues come up that reside outside his capability.  Membership pricing is based on many factors. Please call Christopher at 646-554-3100 or email him at for details and a free confidential consultation. 

Members Receive:

  • 10% discount on all individual and team coaching programs and customized company-wide training classes
  • One monthly practice flash
  • Two no-cost consultation sessions regarding any leadership, employee, or operations related questions

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