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Take advantage of a limited time offer to donate knowledge and best practices.

Would you like to donate a free four-hour customized consultation, training or coaching session to a nonprofit organization of your choice? If so, all you have to do is engage us for one four-hour consultation, customized training or coaching session that matches your needs and we will in turn provide a free four-hour session to meet the needs of a nonprofit organization of your choice

If you are interested in this opportunity please just contact us at 646-554-3100.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Organization Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership and Management 

  • Change Management

  • Innovation

  • Grant Writing

  • Innovation for Nonprofits

  • Revenue Diversification for Nonprofits

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Reorganization and Growth Planning

  • Business Start-up Support

  • Board Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Staff Development