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Restorative practices

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Restorative Leadership

We assist existing and aspiring leaders adopt practices that will enable them to not only positively impact the organizations they are leading but to also have empowering and sustainable impact on the communities that surround and support their organizations.

Restorative Leadership is a leadership approach and corresponding practices and techniques that go beyond traditional and even progressive approaches and styles. Using restorative practices in the workplace and community have proven to help leaders and managers elevate the quality and wellbeing of their overall work environments, employees and surrounding communities. Resultant of using these practices organizations have realized decreases in absenteeism, turnover, workplace conflict and increased employee engagement, innovation, productivity and overall prosperity. 

For Those Working with Children and Young Adults

We train and consult with parents, caregivers, service providers, teachers, social workers, therapist and law enforcement on how to use restorative practices to prevent and/or modify unproductive behavior and foster empathy, accountability and leadership capabilities in both children and adults. Through the use of these practices children and adults are provided with insight and techniques that will have a favorable and lasting impact on their current          and future life choices, behavior and subsequent ability to be as successful as possible.